Veterinarians Mailing List

Count: 98,405 | List: 1191

Veterinarians Mailing ListThis newly updated file features doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases and injuries. Veterinarians play a major role in the healthcare of pets, livestock, and zoo, sporting and laboratory animals. Most veterinarians perform clinical work in private practices. A small number of private-practice veterinarians work exclusively with large animals. These professionals can contribute to human as well as animal health. A number of veterinarians work with physicians and scientists as they research ways to prevent and treat various human health problems.

They are excellent prospects for work-related offers.

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Selections by Type of Employer

Air Force 5
Army 37
College or University 440
Federal Government 149
Feeds/Nutrition 1,956
Foreign Government 2
Government 37
Humane Organization 68
Industry 190
Laboratories 4
Local Government 36
Missionary/Volunteer/Development Organization 3
Non-Veterinary Employment 13
Not Employed 38
Other College/University 32
Other 348
Pharmaceutical/Biological 91
Private Practice Employee 72
State Government 130
Veterinary Medical College 760
Veterinary/Animal Science Department 4
Veterinary/Technical School 25


Selections by Specialty

Equine Practice-Exclusive 1,642
Exotic or Wildlife Animals 74
Mixed Practice 2,152
Mixed Practice – 80% Small 490
Mixed Practice – 80% Large 78
None Listed 2,649
Small Animal Practice-Exclusive 20,773
Zoo Animals 92