Speech & Hearing Therapists

Count: 160,740 | List: 1441

Speech and Hearing Therapists Mailing ListHugo Dunhill Mailing Lists now offers a brand new file of 160,740 licensed Speech and Hearing Therapists. These professionals assist the developmentally disabled overcome their communication disorders. Speech Pathologists specialize in dealing with individuals suffering from hearing loss/brain damage/mental retardation or emotional problems. Hearing & Speech Therapists deal with hearing disabilities through the fitting and dispensing of hearing aids.

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The Speech and Hearing Therapists list is NCOA’d quarterly.

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Selections by Type of Therapist

Audiology Therapist Assistants 497
Both Audiologists & Speech Therapists 100
Audiology Therapists 15,912
Speech Pathology Therapist Assistants 1,827
Speech Pathology Therapists 106,489