Dentists Mailing List

Count: 199,020 | List: 0826

Dentists Mailing ListThis brand new file consists of General Dentists and Dentists by Specialty. These highly trained doctors are responsible for evaluating, maintaining or improving the oral health and hygiene of their patients. These professionals are ideal prospects for periodical and equipment offers related to dentistry.

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Selections by Gender

Female 57,537
Initials 580
Male 153,953
Unknown 6,821


Selections by Specialty

Endodontics 4,374
General Dentistry 149,882
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 6,463
Orthodontics 8,098
Other Specialties 1,280
Pediatric Dentistry 5,780
Pedodontics 78
Periodontics 4,746
Prosthodontics 2,642