Dental Hygienists & Assistants

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HygienistsThese preventive oral-health professionals provide educational, clinical, and therapeutic services to the public. Many work in private dental offices and perform many critical services that detect, prevent and treat diseases of the mouth. Dental hygienists must have multiple and complex abilities to provide comprehensive dental hygiene care in all settings.

Dental Hygienists must be licensed by the state in which they practice. To qualify for licensure, a candidate must graduate from an accredited dental hygiene school and pass both a written and clinical examination.

Some states regulate the duties Dental Assistants may complete through licensure or registration. Licensure or registration may require passing a written or practical examination. States offering licensure or registration have a variety of schools offering courses -approximately 10 to 12 months in length – that meet their state’s requirements.

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Dental Assistants 86,632
Dental Hygienists 190,264
Dental Radiation Technologists 6,534


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Local Anesthesia 6,124
Coronal Polish 33,842
Nitrous Oxide 514
Soft Tissue Curettage 4,573
Doing X-Ray 36,311
Infiltration Anesthesia 3,054
No Expanded Duties 1,174