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We offer hundreds of hard to find licensed professional marketing and mailing lists. From lawyers to trucking companies, doctors to advertising executives, we have the professional list that you are searching for. We are your partner in business and consumer data.  Please scroll down to view our vast professional marketing lists and datacards.  All of our datacards are listed in alphabetical order. If you need any assistance or you are ready to order your professional mailing or marketing list, please contact us at 800.223.6454. 




Accountants and CPAs Mailing List
Accounting Clerks, Auditor and Bookkeepers At Home Address
Acupuncturists Mailing Lists
Advertising Agencies Executives
Allied Healthcare Professionals
Ambulatory Healthcare Facilities Directors
Anesthesiology Masterfile
Architects, Draftsmen, Surveyors at Home Address Mail Order Buyers
Architectural Firms, Services & Executives
Associations – U.S. Headquarters
Athletic Trainers

Bank Executives
Bankers, Bank Tellers, Loan Officers and Loan Processors
Beauty Industry Professionals
Behavior Analysts
Big Business – All Executives
Boat Owners List

Cancer Programs & Specialists
Case Managers & Care Coordinators
Certified Nurse Assistants/Aides
Churches & Religious Organizations
Clergy, Pastors and Priests
Clubs and Organizations
Colleges & Universities Administrators
Computer Operators, Programmers & System Analysts at Home Address
Consumer Email Advantage
Corporate Public Affairs Executives
Cosmetic and Plastic Physicians and Surgeons
Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement Agencies & Personnel
Crisis Intervention Agencies and Services

DB Source – Business Owners
DB Source – Business and Executive Database
DB Source – C-Level Executives
DB Source – Clinics Mailing List
DB Source – General Counsels
DB Source – Human Resource Administrators
DB Source – Presidents
DB Source – Marketing and Sales Executives
DC Source – Chiropractors
DC Source – Consumers by Occupation
DC Source – Consumers by Religious Affiliation
DC Source – Consumers with Hobbies or Interests
DC Source – Consumers with Life Changing Events
DC Source – Consumers with Mortgages or Loans
DC Source – Dunhill Consumer Source
DC Source – Households by Net Worth
DC Source – Motorcycle Owners
DC Source – Registered Voters
DC Source – RV Owners
Dental Hygienists and Assistants
Dentists, Dental Assistants & Dental Hygienists at Home Address Mail Order Buyers
Dietitians & Nutritionists
Doctors Masterfile
Donors – Political
Drug Prescribers

eBiz Advantage Business Emails
eBiz Advantage Certified Public Accountants CPA’s Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Athletic Trainers Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Audiologists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Case Managers Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Chiropractor Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Dental Hygienists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Dentists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Doulas Email Addresses
eMed Advantage EMS, EMT’s and Paramedics Email Addresses
eMed Advantage – Healthcare Emails
eMed Advantage Hospitalists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Kidney Dialysis Center Directors Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Lactation Consultants Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Licensed Massage Therapists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Mammographers Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Medical Assistants Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Medical Lab Technicians and Technologists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Nurse Navigators Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Nurse Practitioners by Specialty Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Occupational Therapists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Optometrists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Pharmacists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Physical Therapists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Physician Assistants Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Physicians by Specialty Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Podiatrists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Psychologists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Registered Nurses by Specialty Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Respiratory Therapists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage School Nurses Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Social Workers Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Speech and Language Therapists Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Traveling Nurses Email Addresses
eMed Advantage Veterinarians Email Addresses
Emergency Medical Service Providers
Engineers at Home Address
eProf Advantage Firefighters Email Addresses


Government Agencies
Group Practices and Physicians

Health Service Providers
Hospice Professionals
Hospital Personnel

Insurance Agents, Agencies and Services
Investment Advisors


Laboratories and Laboratory Executives
Lawyers Masterfile
Libraries and Library Executives

Mail Order Buyers
Management in Leading Law Firms
Manufacturing Agent Companies Representatives and Executives
Manufacturing Industry Executives
Marriage & Family Therapists
Medical Laboratory Directors and Managers
Medical Office Managers
Medical Organizations
Medical Service Providers
Medical Technicians
Meeting Planners – Association
Meeting Planners – Corporate
Mental Health Counselors
Mortgage Bankers, Brokers & Loan Companies

Nurse Practitioners by Specialty
Nurses Aides, Orderlies and Attendants
Nurses Masterfile
Nursing Homes

Occupants / Residents Database
Occupational Therapists
Optometrists and Opticians at Home Address

Paralegals, Legal Assistants and Legal Secretaries
Patent Attorneys
Periodical Publishers and Suppliers
Pharmacists at Home Address Mail Order Buyers
Pharmacy Technicians
Physical Therapists
Physician Assistants
Postal Workers – Mail Carriers – Postmasters
Policemen, Police Officers and State Troopers
Professionals at Home Address
Professionals by Occupation
Public Schools
Purchasing Directors


Radiological Technologists
Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
Rehabilitation Facilities Programs and Services
Residential Treatment Facilities
Respiratory Therapists

Social Workers – Medical & Clinical
Sleep Medicine Professionals
Speech & Hearing Therapists
Substance Abuse Professionals & Facilities

Tax Practitioners – Registered
Technicians – Lab, Medical, X-Ray at Home Address
Truck Drivers, Bus Drivers and Drivers
Truck Owners

U.S. Farmers & Ranchers