Churches & Religious Organizations

Count: 606,031 | List: 6023

Churches & Religious Organizations Mailing ListThis unique file combines Churches and Religious Organizations throughout the whole United States. The Churches include clergy by name, as well as denomination and size of the congregation. The Religious organizations are a compilation of all types of non-profit institutions that are based around religion.

Both lists are excellent prospects for fundraising programs, ministry tours, merchandise and religious retail products, educational material and much more. Contact Hugo Dunhill today for the Churches and Religious Organizations data cards and for all of your 501c non-for-profit marketing list needs.

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Special Selections Available

Churches 380,623
Religious Organizations 211,458


Church Denomination

Protestant 219,990
Baptist 67,756
Southern Baptist 42,864
Methodist 39,533
Presbyterian 13,444
Catholic 3,760


Organization Types – Inquire for Others

Missionary 7,377
Evangelism 5,386
Schools/Colleges 12,800
Publishing 1,231
Youth Organizations 960
Libraries 1,126